Services of Ambios

Our services cover all essential needs of the companies from the start to internationalization; including evaluation of new business ideas, analysis of markets and customer needs, and search for distributors in different market areas. We also assist foreign companies to enter into the Finnish and EU markets.

Business Development Services

Our business concept covers comprehensively all expert services required by the start-up and growth companies. Our services will be tailored to meet the needs and goals of your company.

Our operations are based on the accumulated knowledge of the life science and health technology industry and the customer needs in health care business, as well as our own working experience in Finland and abroad. The operations are supported by our worldwide contact network, and the knowledge of key players, manufacturers and distributions in the field. When necessary, we complete our competence with the services of our partners.

Market and competitor reviews

Our market and competitor review includes analysis of specific application areas of your product or service idea, market and competitor landscapes, and identification of potential customer groups or collaborators. The review provides additional background information for your further decision making on commercialization of the product or service idea, as well as broaden understanding of the key players and potential collaborators in the field.

The reviews are conducted by utilizing publicly available information from various sources, such as scientific literature, commercial papers and reports, patent databases, companies’ websites, etc. In order to analyze the customer needs in detail, we can also organize meetings and interviews with the potential customers and collaborators worldwide.

The content of the reviews is always agreed together with you and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Commercialization and business plans

For commercialization and business plans, we utilize our strong commercial, scientific and technical expertise combined to the latest market and business information, so that we can readily bring new insight into your business development opportunities. As a result, you will receive a commercialization strategy and/or a business plan for successful commercialization of your new product or service.

We also know the health consumer markets and understand the challenges of digitalization in different countries, thus we can advise you to develop your product to suit the target market.

Acting as a Senior Advisor

We also act as a senior advisor for the start-up companies in the fields that we have gained strong expertise through our previous working life. Our experience will give the best value when we start cooperating as soon as a product idea is born or the idea of founding a company has arisen. We will bring to this critical phase our strong know-how on life science and health technology customers and their needs, which we believe is the cornerstone of product development and future success.


  • Commercial evaluation of an idea
  • Market and competitor reviews
  • Customer need surveys
  • Commercialization plans


  • Founding a company
  • Strategy and business plans
  • Team / Human resources
  • Commercialization


  • Internationalization
  • Distributors and partner searches
  • Marketing & sales
  • Product launches

Internationalization Services

Our internationalization services are based on cooperation with local partners who are familiar with the target business environment and culture. Together with them, we conduct market and competitor analyses, customer need surveys and distributor searches. In addition, our local partners can assist and provide expertise in the approval and product registration processes.


A significance of a good distributor in the large Japanese health technology market can hardly be overemphasized since a good distributor is the best guarantee of your success. However, finding a good one is quite challenging without local industry professionals. Our Japanese partner has decades of experience in health technology products, sales and marketing, a good knowledge of Japanese business culture and practices as well as distributor networks in Japan and in other Southeast Asian countries. Our services include the search of distributors or companies that are interested in licensing the product or technology, and negotiations.


In China, the approval and product registration processes by local authorities require special knowledge and skills. Our local experts are familiar with these requirements. By this way we can provide our knowhow and expertise for your use to manage your export project successfully and without any unnecessary delay to market.

Our Chinese partners have extensive marketing and sales channels and networks for life science and health technology products and services. With our partners, we can rapidly investigate the potential of your product and possible collaborations in the Chinese healthcare market.

Almost for 15 years we have successfully helped small to medium sized companies to enter into the growing but challenging Chinese market.


We have contacts to many potential collaborators and distributors throughout Europe. For example, we can offer access for the health consumer products into the German market through our partners. Our knowledge of suitable distributor channels for a particular health consumer product speeds up the product launch for our customers and saves thereby costs.

Services for companies interested in entering the Finnish market

Looking to enter the Finnish market?

We have good knowledge of the Finnish markets, local companies and distributor channels, and with our networks we can assist foreign companies who are interested in entering the Finnish market or the EU market through Finland. Our long experience covers both B-to-B and retail distribution, sales and marketing activities of in vitro diagnostics, professional and consumer medical devices, laboratory products for healthcare and research, as well as technochemical and food products.