Our team members have comprehensive professional experience in healthcare companies, public healthcare as well as life science research and product development. Our core competences cover business development (experience from stock market companies to start-up companies), R&D, strategic planning and business plans, sales and marketing, and international business as well as tasks in company management and board work.


Veli Hänninen, eMBA, M.Sc. (biochemistry)

Veli Hänninen is a well versed expert in diagnostics, bioindustry and health care. His career includes several leading positions in research, development, and operations from start-ups to listed companies. He has successfully managed commercialization of many in vitro diagnostic (IVD) innovations and sourced outside financing for the companies. As a member and director of international working groups in the life science sector, he has helped to develop and internationalize the Finnish IVD industry.

His core competence areas include R&D of products and systems, industrial scale manufacturing processes, IPR issues, as well as regulatory affairs. He has successfully managed many development projects together with global international health care companies.  As a managing director of a start-up company, he successfully led the company to develop clever IT tools for mining and analysis of health care data into meaningful results for health care professionals.

His current interest includes working as an advisor for researchers, inventors and start-up companies in order to get them successfully commercialize their inventions and help growth companies in internationalization.  He has over 10 years of experience working with the Chinese companies.

Markku Pohjola, M.Sc. (biochemistry)

Markku Pohjola has over 30 years of experience in sales & marketing and business development of healthcare products and services. His career includes several leading positions in healthcare companies from a listed company to a startup company. His long career has provided deep understanding and knowledge of healthcare industry, distribution business, customer needs, business culture and international business.

His special areas include vitro diagnostics, medical devices and oncology. He has a long experience in working with many leading global health care and life science companies and sales & marketing of the products in the Nordic marketplace. In oncology area he has successfully lead a start-up company to develop a unique, biologically targeted radiation therapy method for the treatment of cancer.

His current interests include working as an advisor for start-up companies and helping growth companies in internalization.


Anu Leinonen, Ph.D. (biochemistry)

Anu Leinonen has broad professional experience in bio and pharma industry. She has worked over 15 years in positions related to international marketing, business development and technology transfer both in small Finnish and in large international companies. She has also worked as a researcher for 10 years in biomedical research groups both in Finland and abroad.

She has worked in close collaboration with R&D and marketing teams and customers in order to obtain and analyze information about customer needs and market trends for strategic decision making and new product development within the companies. She has been in charge of various evaluations of new innovations, IPR issues, commercialization strategies, and license negotiations. She has also been involved with development of CRO service business. Her previous positions have provided opportunities for extensive collaboration and networking with academic and industrial partners.

She has obtained good skills for fast information retrieval, content evaluation and further processing of the information. By combing her strong scientific and technical background with market and business information, she can readily bring new insight to product and service ideas. She is specialized in evaluation of innovations, market and competitor reviews and commercialization strategies.