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Ambios Ltd. is an experienced expert organization with extensive knowledge of life science and health technology industry. We provide tailored services for start-up and growth companies in business development and internationalization.

Our business is based on customer satisfaction, trust and transparency. We will efficiently carry out our assignments in accordance with our customers’ needs and demands. Our customers’ success is our own success.

Business Development Services


  • Commercial evaluation of an idea
  • Market and competitor reviews
  • Customer need surveys
  • Commercialization plans


  • Founding a company
  • Strategy and business plans
  • Team / Human resources
  • Commercialization


  • Internationalization
  • Distributors and partner searches
  • Marketing & sales
  • Product launches

Internationalization Services

China & Japan

Our internationalization services are based on cooperation with local partners who are familiar with the target business environment and culture. Together with them, we conduct the market and competitor analyses, customer need surveys and distributor searches. In addition, our local partners can assist you and provide expertise with the approval and product registration processes.


We have contacts to many potential collaborators and distributors throughout Europe. For example, we can offer access for your health consumer products to the German market through our partners. Our knowledge of the suitable distributor channels for a particular health consumer product speeds up your product launch and saves costs.


Looking to enter the Finnish market?

We are familiar with the Finnish market, local companies and distributors. With our broad network, we can assist foreign companies who are interested in entering Finnish market or EU market through Finland. Our services include market and customer need analyses, market entry plans and search for distributors.

Customer references

We have participated in development of new business opportunities of various companies and research organizations by conducting market and competitor analyses as well as commercialization strategies and business plans. In addition, we have successfully helped small and medium sized Finnish companies to access international markets, including the growing but challenging Chinese market.


Our team members have extensive professional experience in life science and health technology companies and deep understanding of business development challenges of the start-up companies as well as the large listed companies. Our core expertise cover R&D, production, strategic planning and business plans, sales, marketing, and international business.

Veli Hänninen

Chairman of the Board

Phone: +358 40 545 0921
Email: veli.hanninen(at)

Anu Leinonen


Phone: +358 40 835 9167
Email: anu.leinonen(at)

Markku Pohjola


Phone: +358 400 443 138
Email: markku.pohjola(at)

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Partners in Finland

Advancia Oy
Clinius Oy
FinnMedi Tutkimus Oy

Partners in China

We’ll look for the best possible partner in China based on the needs of each client.

Partners in Japan

Our partner Sasagawa Consulting helps our customers to get establish their businesses in Japan and other Southeast Asian countries. Our partner has long experience in international business development from Arkray, Inc., a large Japanese diagnostics company.